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"What a great time"

Zane is awesome. He's a very patient instructor who will spend hours with you in the water and make it fun. I'm an early riser and he was willing to get up and out at 6 AM for me, which is some serious dedication. I can't think of anyone I would rather learn from more or just spend time with.

- Jonathan Knapp, August 2019

Private Lesson with Zane

Had a 1on1 with Zane and it was awesome. He is extremely energetic and knowledgeable and made it a very fun experience to learn to surf. He deffinetly is able to tailor the lesson depending on the person and gave me great tips for finding future spots. Highly recommend

- Dylan D., January 2019

"What you need to get out there and start catching your own waves"

I did a 1:1 lesson with Zane for 3 consecutive days. I had no prior experience but by the end I could identify some good waves, stand up on my board and even stay on for a couple of seconds! I had a great time, and appreciated the fact that Zane was really patient with me. He has tons of experience and knows how to personalize the lessons based on your level. I highly recommend this company!

- Ann L., September 2018

"Enjoyable (and successful!) first time surf lesson"

Zane is great. My 16-year-old son had a wonderful time learning to surf with him. By the end of the lesson, my son was able to ride some decent waves. If my son ever decides to move to the coast and become a beach bum, I now have someone to blame!

- Jay N., August 2018

"Zane was great!"

This was my first time surfing, and going in a private group is the way to go. Zane did an amazing job of providing instruction and then full support out on the waves. The operation with the company was so smooth and easy to work though, they bring all of the equipment out to the beach and we just met them there, so great option if your vehicle isn’t set up to carry a board.

- Mickele M., August 2019

"Great day of beginner surfing lesson"

We (myself and a 11 and 13 year old) met at Asilomar Beach for our first ever surf lesson. Zane has everything we needed and did a great job of explaining the basics to us. We had an awesome time and each of us managed to get up on the board. He was super helpful.

- Camtraveling25, August 2019


My daughters, 16 & 22, had their first surfing lessons with Zane and they are hooked! I highly recommend this business.

- Mickele M., July 2019

"Can't wait to go back!"

Zane was amazing to work with. We booked a group lesson for 3 people with zero surfing experience and were all up by our fourth wave. Highly recommend!

- Leah H, July 2019