About Big Surf Adventures

What sets us apart from our competitors!


Here at Big Surf we don’t let equipment cost come between our students staying comfortable in the water. Other surf schools purchase the cheap, middle of the road equipment for their students, while we elect to go with the BEST money can buy. We use HYPERFLEX and O’NEILL (two leading manufacturers of cold water wetsuits). Each year, we update to their top of the line models, along with HOTLINE booties to provide full body warmth. Optional gloves and hoods are available. We want the focus of our students to be on learning to surf without the discomfort of being cold on the water. The difference between being warm or cold is just 1mm, we believe that our students are worth the extra investment. The leading 5/4mm wetsuits we use, outshine our competition and guarantee warmth. For more information on our wetsuits, please click HERE.

Preparation, Presentation, and Reflection

Each lesson at Big Surf includes a pre-lesson email detailing a few ways students can prepare their bodies for a surf lesson ahead of time, as well as shorten their learning curve. During our lessons we follow a general curriculum to provide mastery of the fundamentals. However, fast learners and experienced surfers will receive more advanced and technical training during their lesson. We explain the reasons behind each technique instead of simply demonstrating and expecting students to imitate. Other surf schools expect participants to take multiple lessons before they are willing to introduce advanced instruction. We encourage rapid growth and tailor our instruction to fit the student. When the session is completed, students receive a post-lesson email referencing key instructional points, along with a referral/future-lesson discount code.

Community building

We have made it our mission to help surfers find the best waves by installing new live cameras at the most popular surfing breaks around the Monterey peninsula. All live streams will be available through our site, under the surf report tab. We contribute to charitable organizations in an effort to keep our beaches clean and support our youth. We also plan on hosting an annual surf competition for locals; the inaugural event will take place in August 2020.

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